Named after one of the greatest Formula One drivers

It may be obvious for many, but it’s worth mentioning that Veloqx Fangio is named after Juan Manuel Fangio. The racing driver from Argentina started his F1 career in 1950, and raced for a variety of well-known manufacturers, like Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz, Gordini, Talbot-Lago, and Ferrari. By 1958, he had entered 52 races. He won 24 of them, had 35 podiums, and 29 pole positions. With a name like this, the Velouqx Fangio better be quick.

Bespoke body with optimized aerodynamics

6 Cool Facts About the Veloqx Fangio
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The Veloqx Fangio is based on the Ferrari F-12, more specifically the F-12 TDF, although that is yet to be confirmed. That said, the only visual trace of that is the interior, which remains largely unchanged from the Italian super GT.

The carbon-fiber body of Velouqx Fangio is not just radically-styled, but also functional. Three years of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have ensured, the radical exterior styling also provides optimal aerodynamics.

One of the last Naturally-aspirated V-12 engines

6 Cool Facts About the Veloqx Fangio
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As it is based on a version of the Ferrari F-12 TDF, the Veloqx Fangio is powered by a 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V-12 engine. While the V-12 produces 780 horsepower at 8,500 RPM and 520 pound-feet (705 Nm) at 6,750 RPM, in the F-12 TDF, Veloqx Fangio boasts 800 horsepower. Power goes to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

In the F-12 TDF, this is good for a 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) sprint in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 211 mph (340 km/h). It’s worth noting that the Veloqx Fangio is fitted with LMP2-spec slick tires, which are bound to improve acceleration figures. Exhaust gasses are expelled by a stack of four exhaust pipes, resembling a minigun, mounted underneath the big rear wing.

Developed for Endurance racing

6 Cool Facts About the Veloqx Fangio
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The Veloqx Fangio will have both road-going and competition versions, since Veloqx plans to get back into the racing scene, after 18 years of absence. This was confirmed last year when spoke with Veloqx founder, Sam Li who revealed plans for entering the FIA World Endurance Championship, with the racing version of the Veloqx Fangio hypercar.

The UK racing outfit is looking to replicate its success from the early 2000s, which included winning the 2002 British GT Championship in its maiden season, the 2003 Le Mans GTS class in a joint venture with Prodrive, and the 2004 Le Mans, with a pair of Audi R8 LMP1 cars. While an earlier return is not out f the question, the Veloqx team is scheduled to return to racing in 2025.

A “Green” racing car

6 Cool Facts About the Veloqx Fangio
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While there is nothing “green” about a high-revving, 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V-12, Veloqx has tweaked the fuel system of the Ferrari F140 FC engine to run on a variety of fuels including a more polar-bear-friendly biofuel.

Very few will be made

It is to be expected with a hypercar like the Veloqx Fangio. Veqloqx planned only 12 road-going versions and all of them have already been sold. It is unclear how many competition versions will be made or whether the Veloqx Fangio will be made available for purchase by other private teams. One thing is certain, it looks like nothing else and wit the high-mounted quad-exhaust, it sounds orgasmic.

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