Brand-new motorcycles come stuffed with the latest tech gizmos such as radar-assisted cruise control, hill-hold assist, and blind-spot detection systems. While price tags will force many riders to forego many of the newest safety advances, TFT displays and GPS navigation can be found on many entry-level and middleweight machines. Digital dashes also allow users to sync a host of devices to the bike for extra connectivity.

However, those riding older motorcycles may not enjoy the same access to such features. For that reason, Hamburg, Germany-based startup CMoto is developing a range of aftermarket TFT displays for motorcycle models with analog gauges or older digital units. To reach a wide swath of riders, CMoto has unveiled five distinct dashboard designs.

The Corbit’s single round display will cater to many motorcyclists thanks to its minimalist and simple layout, but CMoto has something for everyone. Cruiser riders will spring for the tank-mounted Street Chief model while the SR1’s dual gauge and center display configuration will appeal to sport-touring and adventure riders. Conversely, the RP1’s special AI, sensors, and extensions will suit the racetrack, and the Revin will work best on road-going bikes.

Regardless of the model, each CMoto display will come with Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS navigation, allowing the rider to receive radar warnings, chat messages, current weather forecasts, and music streams. Each unit will come with a handlebar-mounted control and users can adapt the dashes layout and functions to benefit their riding style. Depending on the model, some CMoto displays even feature voice assistant functions and GPS-aided alarm and tracking systems.

The connected tech also allows multiple CMoto users to connect up to four communicator-equipped helmets via the TFT’s smart control center. The digital dashes aren’t yet available but CMoto continues to develop the platform while simultaneously running a crowdfunding campaign. However, the brand promises to make the custom application an easy-to-install component when the displays hit the market.

“Installation is extremely easy with our matching adapters (Plug & Play),” stated CMoto. “Whether it’s a simple plug or CAN system, both are possible. A detailed circuit diagram makes your work easier for customs.”

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