Installing an LED headlight on your Vespa is a great way of making your scooter rides safer. You can easily install an LED headlight yourself. In this how-to tutorial and video I’ll walk you through it step by step.

Installing an LED headlight in your Vespa will help you see much better, make you more visible to others on the road, and reduce the load on your Vespa’s electrical system. You can upgrade your Vespa to an LED headlight by removing the handlebar cover and replacing the original H4 headlight with a new LED bulb.

By following these steps you’ll be able to make your Vespa rides much safer for only about $20.

watch this video

Watch this video!

Vespa LED headlight upgrade

Upgrading your Vespa to an LED headlight can have immediate advantages. The original H4 headlight in your Vespa has a very weak low beam, and an adequate high beam. We’ll do some before and after comparisons so you can see the benefits of upgrading it.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Remove the horn cover panel

Remove the blue Piaggio cover under your headlight by putting a screw driver under it and prying upwards.
Under that cover you will find one screw. On S-model Vespas there may also be a second screw to remove towards the bottom of this same panel about a foot beneath it. On the Vespa LX and many other models there is no second screw.

Vespa LED headlight upgrade - step 1 horn cover removal.jpg

Step 2: Remove the handlebar surrounds

With the horn cover panel you will have access to a screw directly front and center under the headlight.
This screw holds the front handlebar surround in place. Remove it.
Sit on the Vespa facing forward and you’ll see two screws , one on either side, facing forward. Remove those two screws.
Remove the handlebar surrounds.

Vespa LED headlight - Step 2 remove handlebar surround

Step 3: Remove the original headlight and test the LED light

There are two clips holding the black rubber backing behind the headlight in place. Unclip them.
Remove the original headlight. If you haven’t already bench-tested your new LED headlight, turn your headlight on to make sure it works.

Step 4: Make the LED fit

The LED may not fit perfectly into the Vespa. If it doesn’t, grab a grinder or some sandpaper.
Take the grinder or sandpaper to the black plastic to open up the hole by a couple millimeters to make it fit.
Depending on which LED option you pick, this may not be necessary. See options above.

Vespa LED headlight upgrade step 4 make it fit

Step 5: Reassemble

Put everything back together in reverse order you took it apart.
If you haven’t already tested the LED headlight you should do so before you put everything back together.

Additional Vespa LED upgrade tips and Q&A

Here are some additional notes from the installation, and questions I get asked a lot about the Vespa LED headlight upgrade.

Why I chose this particular LED headlight:

300% brighter than the original headlight.
At 1,600 lumens, it isn’t the brightest LED on the market and won’t blind oncoming traffic.
Only takes 15 watts to power, instead of 45 watts to 60 watts that the factory headlight needs.
By switching all of your lights to LED you can save enough wattage to run accessories like heated grips and still use less power than the bike would draw from factory.

Can I use this LED headlight in all Vespa scooters?

This headlight will not work in most 50cc Vespas. If you have a 50cc Vespa and would like to upgrade to an LED headlight you should use this bulb instead.
Other than 50ccs, the LED headlight I suggest will work in any Vespa that uses H4 headlights, which includes most modern Vespas since around the year 2000.

How can I get rid of the plastic shavings in my headlight cover?

The easiest way is to hold it upside down and blow some compressed air into the cover. Alternatively you can hold it upside and vacuum the opening while you hit the top.

How does it look in the end?

Ultimately a Vespa LED headlight upgrade is definitely worth it. Not only is the light brighter, it’s also much fuller and helps me to identify things in the dark from much further away because I can see better. That gives me more time to react, helping me to avoid potential dangers. It also helps me to be seen, without being a nuisance to oncoming traffic.

Here are some shots from the garage:

Stock low beam

LED low beam

Stock high beam

LED high beam

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