Story by Michael Petti/Photos by Jim Haklar

Hollywood show car collector John Sbrigato has an assortment of movie, TV, and novelty vehicles. They are destination cars where enthusiasts will travel hundreds of miles to see them.

Side view of Drag-U-La as seen on the Munster’s TV show and the movie Munsters Go Home.

A case in point is the Munster’s Drag-U-La drag strip car. It was used in the episode “Hot Rod Herman”. In the show Grandpa had to win back the Munster Koach Herman lost in a race. This is the # 1 car designed by Tom Daniel and built by the late George Barris, and was seen on the Munster’s Television show and the movie Munsters Go Home. It was at Planet Hollywood in Atlantic City hanging over the bar. Unfortunately, Planet Hollywood went out of business. But fortunately, John was the winning bidder at an auction. The Drag-U-La has a gravestone up front, a fiberglass coffin, and a plastic bubble top. It is powered by a 289 Ford Cobra engine.

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