Moto Guzzi didn’t skip any opportunity to celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2021. The firm released special-edition models, hosted a traveling exhibit, and even printed a commemorative postage stamp to recognize the centennial. A celebratory trip to Norway’s North Cape was also scheduled as part of the Moto Guzzi Experience adventure, but the ongoing pandemic forced the brand to cancel the adventure touring program.

With more countries easing COVID-19 restrictions, the Moto Guzzi Experience returns with seven destinations on the 2022 calendar. Participants will have the opportunity to ride the latest V7 and V85 TT models during the all-inclusive tours. Along with the motorcycle rental, each tourist package will include full board, meals, fuel, and technical assistance throughout the journey.

The 2022 Moto Guzzi Experience will open with a tour of Corsica and Sardinia on April 16-25, 2022, followed by a Crete expedition on May 7-15, 2022. Aside from the Mediterranean Islands, Moto Guzzi will return to its Italian roots with a tour of Tuscany from May 27-30, 2022, before heading to the Balkans on June 18-25, 2022.

Between August 16-September 11, 2022, Moto Guzzi will finally host its celebratory trip to Norway’s North Cape. The 27-day trip will replicate Giuseppe Guzzi’s famous 1928 Nordkapp trip aboard the Moto Guzzi GT 500 Norge. Following the longest leg on the 2022 Moto Guzzi Experience calendar, the brand will pick back up on the African continent with a Tunisian getaway on October 15-24, 2022. The final tour will take riders through Morrocco from December 24, 2022, through January 8, 2023.

Each destination will command a different price tag, as distance and durations vary between the seven tours. Reservations are open to all motorcycles, but Moto Guzzi owners will enjoy extra perks. Moto Guzzi may have postponed some of its 100-year celebrations, but the brand hopes to make up for the lost time with the 2022 Moto Guzzi Experience.

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