Ed Blumenthal is the proud owner of this immaculate ’57 Dual Ghia. The car was a ‘barn find’ back in 1995 and shortly after undertook a ten-year restoration. The car has been a regular at Concours d’Elegances around the United States.

Ed added a bit of history for us on his Dual Ghia #137 …

“In the early 1950‘s, Eugene Casaroll, who owned Dual Motors Corporation, bought the rights to Chrysler’s “Dodge Firearrow” concept cars that were designed by Virgil Exner and crafted by Italian coachbuilder Ghia. By 1956 the Dual-Ghia was in production as a 1957 model and became known as the “car of the stars”. Performance was excellent due to many of the cars, including this one, being powered by the High-Performance Dodge Hemi D-500, a 315 V8. Total production was only 117 of which less than half remain today. This car is truly a “barn find””, having been put into a barn in the early 60’s and remaining there until rescued in 1995!”

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