Manny might be in the business of selling window shades and blinds, and I would wager nobody is throwing any shade his way on this awesome Firebird.

This is what Manny had to say about his Sprint…

“My businesses is window blinds and shades. After I did a job well for an elderly couple I’d always ask,” you wouldn’t have an old car in the garage for sale would you?” I have done this for years. Fortunately, this one couple said, “we don’t, but friends of ours do!” My jaw dropped when they said I thinks it’s a ’67 GTO. This is a car I’ve wanted since I was 14. Well, we called and my friend Bob and I went over, opened the garage and it was a ’68 Firebird convertible 4.1 with an over-head cam 250. It was a one-owner, numbers-matching 4-speed. I asked the owner about it and he said he put in the garage 30 years ago to redo it but never got around to it. He sold it to me for a song. The interior looked like it just rolled out of the factory. I drained the gas, installed new plugs, tires and battery. I turned the key and it started right up. Every single thing works… even the lighter. I can’t drive it anywhere without getting the thumbs up or somebody coming up to me asking about it.”

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