Fire extinguishers get trendy and stylish thanks to Osafe Fire Inspection

Nearly 200 years ago, the modern fire extinguisher was invented by British Captain George William Manby. At the time, the three-gallon copper vessel contained a pearl ash (potassium carbonate) solution combined with compressed air to allow for effective spraying. That creative solution provided a more effective way to fight fires than water, and was a ready-to-use system that could be placed at any location for emergencies.

Today’s fire extinguishers have compressed air within a vessel, either as stored pressure or cartridge-operated, and have one of these elements: water, foam, dry powder or carbon dioxide, to extinguish various types of fire. They can be found in most buildings, be it homes or offices. But the one place where they are needed most that’s often neglected is in the car.


With most modern cars easily chugging 40 litres of highly flammable petroleum at every fuel stop, the danger of auto-related fires is real. It can occur from a seemingly innocent spark while refueling – something which could ignite the fumes and eventually the contents of the fuel tank – or a more serious mechanical failure under the hood. Such accidents are not unheard of, but the severity could be minimised if a fire extinguisher was ready at hand.

Compact extinguishers for cars are readily available in the market. But they are often overlooked because of their industrial façade. Style is a prominent selling-point in today’s world, with an increasing number of new decorative products in the market replacing traditional looks. And fire extinguishers aren’t exempted from that marketing staple.


Osafe Fire Inspection is a new company which aims to update the fire extinguisher and present it as a trendy decorative item for the new millennials. Its motto of combining safety with beauty is reflected in its range of fire extinguishers which can be custom made in a variety of contemporary colours, styles and graphics to suit personal tastes. Best of all, its size and looks offer a flexibility of application, whether it’s to standby on a shelf at home or in your car’s glove compartment to save either property, and more importantly, your life, from flames.


Osafe fire extinguishers come with CE certification, which means that you can keep it in your vehicle worry free, even under high temperature, thanks to its anti-explosion safety system. It contains ABC powder with 70% concentration of Mono Ammonium Phosphate for a longer lifespan and provides a maximum performance working pressure of 14 Bar, meaning it can reach a distance of 8 to 10 feet.


Fire can occur at any time and in any situation, so it always pays to be prepared for the unknown. Now you can accessorise your household and vehicle with an eye-catching fire extinguisher from Osafe Fire Inspection and have peace of mind at all times – and in style.


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