The B58 engine that works in the GR Supra maybe a BMW unit, but it has been co-developed with Toyota. While not the first GR Supra to utilize more of the B58’s potential to a fuller extent, this is one of the first GR Supras to reach a four-digit horsepower figure.

For the build, Titan Motorsports have utilized much of its parts catalog, including an upgraded CFM intercooler and intake manifold, Forge Motorsport boost pipe, a Flex-Fuel system, and much more. Boost is provided by a single Precision turbo, which in this build, is top-mounted.

Toyota GR Supra By Titan Motorsports
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The results, as the dyno runs show, are impressive. The Titan Motorsports GR Supra puts down 1,010.13 horsepower and 887.9 pound-feet (1,203.8 Nm) to the rear wheels. Power still goes to the rear wheels only through the ZF, eight-speed automatic.

Sadly, as the black GR Supra is a customer car, he did not wish to reveal the quarter-mile times and trap speeds of the car, but we can tell it’s at least a nine-second car, as it is. Titan Motorsports actually have the first eight-second GR Supra, so with a bit more tweaking, this customer car may be able to match it. Despite the mixed initial reactions, more people are starting to warm up to the GR Supra, and builds like these are proof that the B58 really is the modern-day 2JZ.

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